Motor-operated Respiratory Trainer

It is known that the brain-damaged persons commonly have respiratory problems to some degree.

Symptoms that can be observed when provision of oxygen to the brain is not enough are:

  1. Rigidity in limbs
  2. Poor speech
  3. Spasm/ Fit

In order to improve these conditions, it is considered that a proper respiratory training is most effective.
This respiratory trainer RM200 repeatedly inputs information of the proper pattern of breathing to the midbrain to help improve respiration.

Various types of respiratory trainers have been tested up to the present.
Although each of them has been effective, it was very difficult to produce consistent results to all the users.

This product is motor-driven without using compressed air. It controls breathing rhythm automatically by the inner link mechanism, which provides no time lag between tightening
and releasing of chest as well as helping to allow long-hour use at a time.

Respiratory patterning machine

Product Feature

  1. Low noise.
  2. Easy to handle with no need to adjust timing.
  3. Strength for pulling tension is adjusted by replacing spring inside the device to match the weight of a user.
  4. Height is adjustable in 3 steps based on body size

It is used in supine or prone positions.

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Respiratory training with this device must have required knowledge in advance in order to obtain expected results. This device has to be used under proper instruction of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, USA.

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